At Code for Philly, we are committed to putting on events that meet the needs of our community. After some research and reflection, we decided to switch up our events format to three primary recurring events:

Code for Philly 101: This is for those who are brand new to Code for Philly or who have never attended an event or joined a project. At this event, we’ll walk through the very basics of Code for Philly, its community, and its resources, as well as how to get started involved yourself! You’ll also have a chance to meet some other Code for Philly members. You’ll need a laptop so make sure you bring one along!

Networking Night: This is a simple happy hour event to bring together the Code for Philly community. This event is open to everyone - newcomers as well as veterans. Come meet new people, find others to work on a project with, or just do some networking. Please note there is no formal programming but Code for Philly Leadership team members will be in attendance to answer any questions and make introductions! Code for Philly Leads will have Code for Philly stickers on, so say hello!

Hack Night: A Code for Philly staple! Hack night is for project teams to get together to work on their projects. Hack nights are very informal and are not a good event to come to if you are new to Code for Philly or have not joined a project. Active projects most likely are active on Slack, where you can check to see if projects are meeting and if they could use assistance. Hack nights’ location and time vary according to who is hosting. Along with the leadership team, hack nights can also be hosted by project teams or local business sponsors.