Frank Aceves 

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<h2>I'm an iOS Developer</h2> <p>Hi Everyone, I'm a junior developer relocating from Los Angeles to Philadelphia in January 2020. Looking to join like minded individuals to accomplish good for the people of Philly and beyond. Would love to meet up or grab coffee with you when I'm done moving out there!</p> <p>I came from a radio background. I have been hosting/producing radio shows since 1999 (including my most recent show: <a href= "">The Expedition</a>), DJ'ing since 1996, and I absolutely love music: mostly stuff that's not on traditional radio, but funky never-the-less - afrobeat, jazz, hip hop, electronic, and more. I might randomly blurt out info about a song's sample that is playing wherever we might be in public. Shouts to Rich Medina and Cosmo Baker!</p> <p>In the meantime, check out my first app that was published to the App Store, called <a href="">Dog Pics</a></p>

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