Jake Persofsky 

About Me

I am a business (B2B) solutions provider.

I am primarily interested in creating ways to connect different business systems in order to increase efficiency. This usually involves writing software but could also involve making recommendations for hardware and/or pre-existing software.

My passion is any opportunity I have to be creative.

I’ve had over two decades of experience working in telecommunications. But I have also worked with other industries such as advertising, nutritional products, building restoration and maintenance, and medical offices.

  • One of my biggest strengths is that I can look at a series of business problems and work with clients to understand what the best value would be related to their investments. I drill down to find out the ways to get the best bang for the buck in terms of problem solving.

  • I gain immense satisfaction from identifying a clients’ business problem, creatively coming up with a solution and executing the business solution.

  • My mission is to help clients gain efficiency in ways they’ve never considered or thought was possible. I like the idea of working closely with clients to develop solutions that drive revenue and productivity.

Tech I'm interested in