James Keary 

About Me

Software Engineer with wide range of technical experiences. Spent the past 5 years programming for the political advocacy start-up Crowdskout. Backend; PHP’s Laravel framework, using MySQL, MongoDB and ElasticSearch database solutions. Frontend; Typescript, ES6, AngularJS, and SCSS, using Grunt task runner and NPM package manager. DevOps and systems; Ansible scripting and Jenkins task automation tools, Docker, Postman, and AWS. Local development in Linux OS and Vagrant Virtualbox; tools used include PhpStorm IDE, VSCode, Vim text editor, Git and SVN, zshell, iterm, Atlassian Agile organizational tools. Familiarity with responsive web, mobile first, test driven, and fault tolerance development principles. Masters Degree in Music Technology from NYU where I studied Digital Signal Processing and Audio Algorithms. Other programming languages, frameworks and techs used include ReactJS, Wordpress PHP, Python, Java, C, Matlab, CSound, and Pure Data. Currently I am teaching myself C++ and the Web Audio API to get back into my interest in audio software and algorithm development.

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