Kimberly Drzewicki 

About Me

I've been trying to get into the tech industry for over the the past five years. My professional background is primarily in healthcare. I have working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and enjoy working with jQuery Mobile and BootStrap. I have basic working knowledge of PHP and Python server side languages.

I want to expand my skills to benefit the community primarily in the food industry. I feel not enough people are familiar with how and where their food comes from. There is a major disconnect between farmers, food markets and the purchaser.

I am passionate about bees. Not just honey bees are important for food production. The introduction of pesticides and genetically modified seeds in agriculture has had catastrophic effects on the bee population. Also, the promotion of lawns, that take away space where native plants would naturally grow to feed bees and other important insects species, has had a profound involvement in the rapid decline of wild bees.

I want to give back to the community in anyway I can. I feel helping with other projests will give me more experience and knowledge to grow personally and professionally. I'm interested in brainstorming and serving as another creative asset.

Tech I'm interested in

Topics I'm interested in