So, if you're a senior with limited resources and you're trying to grow old and stay in your home, there's not a lot of help. This project supports Mamie Young's vision: creating a list of handymen and handywomen who sign on to do home repairs for seniors, at low cost and pro-bono. This is an important civic need. A few organizations cover some blocks and neighborhoods in the city, but in general, it's hard to find someone to help you as you age. Step one: let's make Mamie Young a webapp with a database, so that home repair people can sign up, creating a list that people in need can refer to.

We're in the early stages. At QuestHacks we popped together a very rough front end prototype on CodePen. Now it's time to gather a team to create a basic app, Rails API + Javascript/possibly React frontend. Definitely looking for DESIGNERS, as you can see from the prototype at

Also looking for devs/designers with experience and interests in web accessibility.

Visionary Lead is Ms. Mamie Young.

Code for Philly Project Lead is Miriam Peskowitz, @miriamp on the Code for Philly slack channel.

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